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FRONT OFFICE Training - Please review and answer questions by 4/7/18



When you receive a phone call from a potential new patient stop everything you are doing and give them 110% focus.  Make sure you type in any concerns they are having and really listen to what they are saying.  Do interact with them and ask where they are from and try to connect with them.  The following steps are necessary to obtain all the relevant information:

First when we create a new patient in Dentrix it gives us a box to put in name, phone numbers, E-mail address, home address and referral source.  It is MANDATORY that you fill out ALL of these fields each and every time.  After this is filled out you need the following information in the note section:

1.  Date of Birth

2.  Name of insured and their date of birth

3.  Insurance ID# and SSN

4.  Group number

5.  Insurance name and phone number

6.  Date last seen by dentist

7.  List any concerns they may have


Please answer the following questions:

1.  Why is in important to document the referral source?

2.  Why do we need to connect with the patient?

3.  Why do we need to get all the insurance info?

4.  Why is documenting any of their concerns important?