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Hyg Training - Please read and respond back saying "GOT IT" by 4/30/18

Each hyg room will have a paper on the shelf above the computer. ALL doctors have been told that hygienist will present to them in this format in front of the patient. Even if they have talked about it with the doctor in the back. You will restated it again. If you can't remember what to say make sure you pull it out and look at it as you go along.


Every time you do a Doctor exam please follow this outline.

(Keep on shelf above counter so you can use it.


1.  Introduce doctor by name to patient

2. Tell something about pt

3. Tell doctor how OH, perio is, are they 6mrc, 3mrc, 4mrc. Etc,

4. Tell doctor any areas where fillings or crns may not look good, or if  pt has concerns

5. Tell Doctor what next tx is to be done and REASON WHY it needs to be done (decay, fracture, etc)

6. After exam, restate with doctor what is next priority for treatment and he is concerned about