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Intravenous (IV) Sedation

Some dental procedures may call for a deeper level of sedation for fearful patients. IV sedation is a proven method that makes dental care possible for everyone. At Mountain View Family Dental, we’ve incorporated sedation techniques that few clinics offer.

During IV sedation, sedative medication flows through the bloodstream as treatment occurs. It’s unlikely you’ll remember anything about your visit as the medication gently blocks your memory of the procedure.

IV sedation leads to procedures that seem to fly by with more treatment completed in one appointment. Our highly-trained team monitors you for safety from start to finish.


Dental fear doesn’t need to dictate your dental health. IV sedation eliminates even the highest-level of anxiety.

  • Calming medication enters your system before starting any treatment
  • In our office, IV sedation is administered by a doctor certified in advanced anesthesia techniques, Dr. Heath Snell.
  • We can remove wisdom teeth or perform restorative procedures by teaming with Dr. Snell
  • During IV sedation you’ll be monitored by the best technology and expertise. Before you know it, you’re heading home to rest.

We look forward to discussing your sedation needs and creating a personalized plan that fits your comfort level. If IV sedation feels like the best choice, we’ll explore scheduling that allows you to start enjoying the benefits of optimal dentistry.