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Oral Sedation

Oral sedation leads to a deeper sedation level than achieved with Laughing Gas. Numerous medications are available for this type of sedation, and Dr. Guffey and Dr. Temp carefully consider your specific needs to determine which choice is best for you. But all of our options are considered anti-anxiety medications and produce the same desirable effect: dramatic reduction and even elimination of anxiety during your dental visit.  

While bringing comfort to your experience, oral medications reduce what you remember about your appointment. We’ll likely complete your treatment in fewer appointments and in less time.

During treatment, Dr. Guffey and Dr. Temp diligently monitor your vital signs to ensure a safe visit. In some cases, we may use small doses of Laughing Gas along with an oral medicine for even more relaxation.

Oral sedation may be a good choice for mild to moderate dental anxiety, or simpler appointments:

  • Before your appointment, you swallow a simple pill.
  • The medications we use are FDA approved and include a long history of safety.
  •  Our doctors are trained and certified by the profession’s leading organization for dental sedation, DOCS.
  • Even though you’re awake and responsive during treatment, you enjoy a comfortable, relaxed condition. Depending on the medication used, you may not remember much about your visit.

Oral sedation effects last longer than with Laughing Gas alone. It’s essential a companion accompanies you to your appointment and drives you home after you’re finished. We look forward to helping you discover a remarkable way of overcoming dental fear under the care of compassionate providers.