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Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas is available in our office and provides an excellent way to ease anxiety for many dental procedures. The mildest form of sedation available, gas flows through a soft mask that sits over your nose. This odorless gas mixes with pure oxygen to introduce a relaxed feeling during treatment. Laughing Gas often brings a euphoric feeling that encourages your sense of humor. The adjustable levels of Laughing Gas allow us to customize sedation for each patient, with an altered effect noticed within just a few minutes.

With Laughing Gas, you won’t experience short-term memory loss. At the end of treatment, the sedative effect disappears almost immediately, and you will be able to return home without lasting side effects. With laughing gas, you don’t even need an escort to accompany you home from your visit.

Laughing Gas provides quick, safe sedation to help with mild dental anxiety for appointments of all kinds:

  • Before treatment begins, you breathe a mix of odorless gas and oxygen through a soft nose mask.
  •  Our modern office includes state-of-the-art sedation equipment.
  • Laughing Gas is readily available and frequently used by all our providers. 

Our team dedicates themselves to patient comfort every step of the way. Laughing Gas means even mild anxiety doesn’t need to be part of your experience at Mountain View Family Dental.