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ASSISTANT - TRAINING - Please review and submit answers to questions by 4/8/18


Hi guys.  So I'm sure everyone knows by now we have an awesome provider that has been added to our practice to provide some new services to offer our patients.

Dr. Hillam is the provider that has joined out team.  These are some examples of the services he will be providing:

1.  Implant placements,

2.  All-on-4 implant placement

3.  Connective tissue grafts

4.  Gingival grafts

5.  Crown lengthening

6.  Bone grafting

7.  Guided tissue regeneration

8.  sinus augmentations

9.  Ridge splits to accommodate implants

10.  Ridge augmentation

These are the five events in the treatment pathway.  The pathway should start with the patient already in a good state of maintenance.  One or more events can sometimes be consolidated into one visit.  The screening and consult, for example, can often be combined.

Pre-Treatment checklist:

1)  Screening  2)  Consult  3)  Work up  4)  Surgery  5)  Post-op

TX Sequence at 1 week:

-Visit with patient:  post-op experience

-Remove Stent-Check and photograph site

-Reinforce home care and diet

TX Sequence at 3 weeks:

-Remove sutures

-Give Ultra-soft toothbrush

-Discuss allowable foods and oral hygiene habits


1.  What are 3 examples of services Dr. Hillam be providing for our patients?

2.  What is the meaning of CTG?

3.  What is the treatment pathway from start to finish?

4.  Please list the items that need to be completed on pre-treatment checklist.

5.  After surgery how soon do we see the patient for follow up?  And when do we remove the surgical stent?