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HYG Training - Please review and submit answers to questions by 4/8/18


Upon finishing patients cleaning sit patient up and say:  "I'm going to go ahead and reserve your next hygiene visit in 6 months, that will be in April, I have another Monday at 3 pm again or Tuesday at 7 am."  This gives the patient an opportunity to decide what day they want.  Reserve the patients next appointment with you unless they request a different hygienist or have a flag on their account.  If you cannot get the patient on your schedule for a few weeks let them know that there are other great hygienists they can also see.  Tell them the hygienist name and offer them a time with that hygienist.  If the patient is hesitant and would rather stay with you do everything you can to accommodate them.  If patient states they do not want to reserve a time be kind and understanding in asking them why.  Some may be snowbirds, and some may be teens.  Tell them that we can put a note in 5 months to call them to reserve their next visit.  Once appointment is reserved repeat back to them "I have reserved your next appointment on April 4th at 3 pm.  I will be looking forward to seeing you then!"  Let the patient know that you will printing out an appointment card and that you will give it to them when you take them to up to the front desk.  At this point you can get the Doctor as your appointment will be set complete and you will have the notes you will need for the exam.



1.  When making another hygiene appointment you say:

a.  "Do you want to schedule your next visit?"

b.  "I'm going to go ahead and reserve your next hygiene visit."

c.  "I can reserve your next cleaning appointment what days work best for you."

2.  When reserving the next 6 month visit you ask the patient:

a.  "What day's work best for you?"

b.  "Do you want to schedule your next visit?"

c.  "I have Monday April 2nd at 4 pm or Tuesday at 7 am."

3.  When reserving hygiene visits why would we use the word reserved instead of scheduled?

4.  When a patient does not want to reserve their next hygiene visit we:

a.  Tell them that we will make a note in 5 months to call them.

b.  Tell them OK and walk them to front desk.

c.  Address their reasons for not reserving and if they still don't want to reserve go ahead and make a note.

5.  You do not have any openings in 6 months for when patient is due, you then:

a.  Let the patient know all of your appointments have been reserved for that week but you do have some availability a couple weeks later.

b.  Tell the patient the other hygienists in the office are great and they could see one of them.

c.  All of the above.