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Hi guys just wanted to send out a quick reminder/update of some of the things we’ve been going

over during our Monday meetings. Here a few bullets points.

Morning Huddles:

Double/Triple checking cases to be delivered the night before for any cases to be

delivered the next day and notating the pt’s route sheets so we can confirm case is here

as ready to be seated during the review in morning huddle.

Minimizing details regarding pending tx and next visit during the review for example:

We used to say: (Pt. Sally is in today for a crn prep and next visit will be a crn seat).

Instead let’s assume that Sally has some pending resins that need to be done so we would say:

(Sally is in today at 8 am and her NXPH will be resins on the right side). If the pt does not

have pending tx we would only mention the pt is there is a crossover with Hygiene, an allergy

alert that may pertain to the visit as well any family members that may be treated on the same


This also applies to patients that only need to come back for a 1 wk post op if we have only

seen them on a emergency basis we should always get the patient to return and get establish

with us especially if they are looking for a dental home. If they are already existing pt’s and do

not have any pending tx we would also skipp through this chart during the huddle and move on

to the next patient.

Lab Cases:

As far as crowns/bridges/night guards etc “lab cases” when going through patients that are

coming in for a delivery we are taking a more deliberate approach by mentioning that we have

the case with all pieces that should be included in the case.

Ex: Sally @ 9 am is here for a seat case is here and it’s ready to go. This means that we

double and triple checked the case is here and ready to be delivered.