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Custom shade protocol
Primary Objectives:
● To avoid delays in fabrication of Crowns/Bridges that require custom shade’s.
What problem does this protocol address?
● When a patient delays calling the lab to reserve a custom shade appointment it sometimes will
also cause a delay with patient getting in to the lab for custom shade which in turn it delays the
case coming back to us.
● This will also creates unnecessary work for the lab when they have to track patients down to
get them in for a custom shade which can be very frustrating for the lab when they are alreday
very busy creating awesome crowns for us to deliver to our patients.
Protocol Description:
The assistant will notify the front desk @ check out that we need to assist the patient in
reserving a custom shade appointment along with the seat appointment to
ensure that the patients gets in to the lab for custom shade as soon as possible so
that we can receive the case without delay.

Name of staff member creating description:
Rayleen (Team Lead)
Approval Date: 7.30.18


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