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Hello everyone,


When a patient comes in for an appointment and Doctor diagnosis a redo crown or filling. Please make sure to document it correctly in your notes and that when any back office employee like assistant's or hygienist bring a patient up to the front office and hand off there patient please let the front office know what's going on so the correct fee is given to the patient showing that treatment will not be covered due to frequency.


For example: We had a patient come in about a few week's ago for her cleaning. And that visit she mentioned that she swallowed a crown that we had done back in 2016. When the hygienist that saw the patient that day didn't relay that crown was done here at our office. So when front office gave her an estimated it showed that insurance was going to help her with a portion. So we reserved an appointment for her and the appointment was also reserved wrong cause it was only scheduled for fillings not the crown. So when patient came in and found out that she was only here for the fillings she got upset but stating that she only wanted crown done, but we were able to work it in and get it all done. Then when patient was brought up to the front to check out she was in shock of how much she was needed to pay due to our estimate that we gave her before was wrong. When patient left she left us  a bad review.  So PLEASE back office make sure you ask patient HOW OLD it is and let FRONT OFFICE know if it's a replacement so the estimates that we give the patient is correct to prevent this from happening again. 

Please respond that you got this!  THANKS!