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CTG TRAINING - Assistants

Training on CTG healing sequence: Week of 8/20/18
Hi guys this week I wanted to touch on a few things regarding CTG and the timeline of healing after the surgery is done. You will probably find that we had already trained on the CTG procedures a few months ago, however I realize it may help to remind everyone about a few key points that should help answer questions that patient may have after surgery and during the time of healing.
Tx Sequence at 1 week:
● Visit with patient, learn re:
post-op experience
● Remove stent
● Check and photograph site
● Reinforce home care and diet
Tx Sequence at 3 weeks:
● Visit with patient, learn re:
post-op experience
● Remove sutures
● Give ultrasoft toothbrush
● Discuss allowable foods and
oral hygiene habits
After this point we will continue to monitor the patient during routine visits, healing may take approximately 4-6 months before the grafted area will be completely healed.
Hope this helps please let me know if you guys anymore questions.
P.S. Please reply you got it once you get a chance to review the training