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Hi Ladies.  When breaking appointments please make sure that when you break it you put a missed appointment in the ledger and that it goes on patient chart as well with the date and how total of how many missed appointments they have had. Since it doesn't automatically  go on there on it's own unless appointment get's broken it does. And very importunately don't forget to put a note under the missed appointment on the ledger and the schedule with patient name on it.


Step #1`-Make sure to put an event on the hygienist or dr side with to why pt canceled or if they no showed 

Step #2- In ledger add broken appointment or cancel with in 24 hours and to why they canceled

Step #3-In patient family chart make sure to add today's date under Last Missed Appt and # missed

Step #4- Add your note to office journal


Please be sure to respond that you received this!  Have a great week!