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PATIENT PHOTOS - Front office training

Patient Photo's


Hi Ladies,

The strategy of taking patient photo's

When you come in the morning you should print out a schedule and highlight each patient that doesn't have a photo. Once patient come's in and you take the photo then circle it on the schedule so you know it's been done. If a patient declines a photo then let one of your co-worker's know so they can try asking them again. Either bubble them or verbally tell them. If they refuse again then put a note in the appointment and flag it so we can try next time.

Please DO NOT say "Can I take a picture for your chart?"

If you ask  then its easy for the patient to refuse it. Instead when the patient comes in  and you are checking them in just say "Let me go ahead and take a picture for our records".  

Please respond to this post with "got it".  THANKS and have a wonderful week!