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CELL PHONES AND CHIT CHAT - Hygiene training

-We all love to chat and talk and sometimes we love to talk about our “exciting” patients.   We remind you that the office is still very open and people can hear other people talking. Please be respectful if other hygienist have patients in the chair and you are talking about  your “interesting” patient. 

-Cell phones are to remain in your locker in the BACK. Too often we are seen in the operatories or hallways with our cell phones. We know that many of us have children and need to to know what’s going on, but we would ask that you give the office number to schools, baby sisters, family members In case of an emergency.  We want to keep a professional atmosphere were the patients are important and we are seen in the operatories or walking down the hall with cell phones. 


Please respond with a "got it" to this post.  THANKS and have a great week!