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DR EXAMS - HYG Training

 Getting Doctors for exam:


There are 3 colors that are on the cards for doctors exams:


1. Green: this is given to the doctor right after you have done your assessments (i.e x-rays, perio charting, concerns) This allows the doctor to come into your room when He/she has a break.  And we are not putting pressure on them

2. Yellow: this is sticker is given to the doctor once you are done with the cleaning if they have not been in ur room yet with the previous green sticker. 

4. Red: this is given to the doctor if you have been waiting and are now into your next appt.


-When getting the doctor please make sure that you look at the doctors schedule to see who might be most available. 

-If one doctor already has a card then please give your card to the other doctor. 

-If the pt request a specific doctor and he/she is not available suggest to the pt that the other doctor can see them and if tx is found then the doctor they prefer can do the tx. 

-if one doctor is doing an exam in hygiene already please get the other doctor for the exam. Unless pt is insistent on see that doctor. 

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