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CANCELLATIONS - Front office Training

Hi Ladies!

When a patient call's to cancel an appointment without giving us 48 hours notice please be sure that we document it in the office journal under and in the ledger along with a note as to why they cancelled under MVFD.   Then put an event with their name on it and to why they canceled there appointment on the appointment book view.  If you reschedule the appointment to another date be sure you are also putting number of missed appointments along with the date in the family file.

If you talk speak to the patient always try to get them to keep there appointment by utilizing our verbal skills for cancellations.  Be sure they know about the $50 missed appointment fee.  Often times when they realize that there is a missed appointment fee they find a way to make the appointment.

Please email Donna (pm@mountainviewfamilydentistry.com) with the verbal skills you will use when a patient calls to cancel/reschedule without giving us 48 hours notice.

Have a great week!