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Keeping walkies charged.

This week I want to go over the use of the walkie talkies, Dr. Guffey recently purchased
batteries for the walkies hoping we could start to make them part of our set up.
Anytime We’re working in the sedation room,Room #9 it can feel like your a bit isolated from the
rest of the team and often times tx will change or maybe the assistant that is working chairside
with the Doctor needs to leave the room to retrieve a product or xray sensor. When this
happens more than once or twice it causes delays in completing tx and sometimes it will put us
behind schedule due to the interruptions of stopping and getting up for something needed. With
that being said, I know we all want to be able to get patients in and out as quick as possible so
by having all of our tools ready to go that can help us expedite tx will only make our day go
smoothly as well as the patients experience when they are receiving treatment in our office.
So if everyone can make sure we always have the walkie talkies charged up and ready to be
used at any time since we never really know when we might need to use the room.
To help everyone get into the habit of keeping the radios ready to go I will be adding this to our
daily checklist: at the end of the day everyone is to check if the radios are connected to the
charging docs so when we arrive the next day all walkies should be ready to be used.
Please respond that u got it in the comments. Thx

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