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 When reserving another hygiene appointment:

"We are going to reserve your next hygiene visit. I can get you in with me on this day at this time. Does that work for you?" 

Why do we say it this way:

1. The patient needs to know we are concerned about proper care for their oral health and concerned about keeping proper re care to maintain that health. 

2. By giving the patient a day and time makes the schedule more organized. we try to schedule one pt after another instead of where ever the patient wants to schedule

3. let the patient know they will be seeing you or a different hygienist. the patient needs to know that they are valued and that this "personal time" they have spent with you is not just another $$ for you. Let them know how much you appreciate them for allowing you to work on them. 

4. We use the word RESERVED so it places a priority on that appointment and the patients begin to make the appointment a priority. 

Reminder: Please don't use 

1..  "Do you want to schedule your next visit?"

-This shows the patient that it really isnt important to schedule their next visit. It places no value on who what you do. 

2.  "Can I schedule your next cleaning appointment? What days work best for you."

-This also places no value on the appointment. The word "can" suggest that that you may feel the patient may not be interested in coming in again. This subconsciously gives off an un-sureness of the hygienist.

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