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Hygienist/Assistant hand off

When a hygienist or assistant walks up to the front desk with a patient and you are on the phone with insurance ask them if you can place them on hold for a moment so you can help the patient.  Let the hyg/assts pass the patient to you to determine what needs to be done for this patient which allow's a proper hand off and allows the hyg/asst to turn around room and get ready for next patient. 

If hygienist or assistant have a big treatment plan allow them to pass the patient off to you then let the patient know that you need a little time to put it together and to have a seat and you will call them up as soon as you are able to properly compile a treatment plan.

If it’s simply just checking them out quickly please do so at that time that way they DO NOT get forgotten .

Please respond with "got it" or email Donna at pm@mountainviewfamilydentistry.com