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Assistant Training - Please read and respond with "GOT IT!" before 4/30/18

Discounted Treatment

Hi guys, so today I want to go over a few guidelines to follow when giving patients discounted or free TX so that we don’t lose the value in the treatment rendered. When a provider chooses to help a patient in need with any kind of discount whether its a portion of the TX cost or free n20. 

We need to communicate this to a team member of the front desk (only the front desk will adjust the fee's), preferably before TX is done so they can adjust the ledger accordingly and still be able to show the value in the treatment we’ve gifted to the patient. This will keep things consistent and avoids confusion anytime a patient has a question about their account.
If we just zero out TX or manually input a random fee when it’s not communicated the front desk they will have a hard time figuring out the correct charges for the patient.