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WEEKLY ARTICLE - "A Review of Teeth Whitening Services"

Main Idea:

What are the basic guidelines for recommending whitening services to a patient.

4 things I found interesting in this article:

  1. It would be inappropriate to provide teeth whitening to a patient that has periodontal disease, caries or mucosal lesions.

  2. The ADA notes the need of of a prior oral exam by a licensed DDS to determine if whitening is appropriate.

  3. Postnatal infections such as chicken pox, streptococcal infection and scarlet fever can cause tooth discoloration.

  4. This can cause thinning to the enamel. Enamel is semi translucent and the underlying dentin color and other colored substance beneath the enamel effects the over all color of the teeth.

    How can we put this into play in our practice:

    Educate the patient before you tell them the whiten their teeth. Patients should take care of what is recommended by the dentist before deciding to move forward with whitening.

Comment below and let me know what you think! -Irene