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Hi ladies. It is very important that we all follow block scheduling guidelines. We all need to pay attention to the x's and /'s. Also keep in mind that crown's,root canal's, Implant's all high production we reserve in the morning unless the patient can only come in the afternoon then we can make it work for them. You can schedule filling's in the AM but it has to be $550 or higher (example would be a quad of fillings). If patient can only come in the morning for a filling or 2 please schedule them either at 7 AM or before lunch and put a note in the appointment that this is the only time they can come in but not floating anywhere during block scheduling time. Block scheduling is for ALL day’s of the week including Saturdays.

Please answer this questions:

1. Why is it so important to follow block scheduling?

2. Why do we want to keep all high production in the morning's and lower production in the afternoon's?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great day!

Thanks Irene