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1. Thursday JULY 19th 5:30pm CE course. Continuation of DR. Hilliam CE course. Please RSVP if you are going to be there.


2. When doing loc srp's if it is TWO or more areas we will make them Perio Maintance. Please have front desk inform them of finances. We will now do a complementary prophy at the time of the loc srp's. there is no need to tx a prophy with the loc, just go ahead and clean rest of mouth after loc srp's. You will have the option to : bring the pt back in 6 week perio maintaince (if its 2 or more areas) or 3 months, 4 months, or 6 months. the hygiensit will make that call. please clearly note in chart what you plan to do with pt.


  1. Insurance is now requiring us to put amount of time it took to do any form of perio therapy. Please note chart how long it took to do. A good rule of thumb is to just put 1 hr minumum.


4. Remember to prioritize tx with your tx planner. it was our previous grab bag goal. this is not something we do for the grab bag, but to get us into the habit of doing it consistently


5. Change exam to the DR doing the exam. we are still forgeting to do that.


6. Even if the pt doesn't have a DR.'s exam please tell front desk next area of concern. If pt doesn't want to do it, let front desk know what next areas of concern is but let them kow the pt is not ready to move forward wtih tx at this time.