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SCHEDULING NEW PATIENT - Front Office Training

Hi ladies!

When scheduling new patients we need to schedule 30 min off to the side with either Joanna or if on the weekend's with Gloria for fmx/pano. And always try to keep 1 hour appointments with hygiene on less if your trying to fill the next day then you can put a new patient down for 90 min.

It's also very important to get all the patient's insurance information.



-Any area's of concern or information about the patient

-Insurance name

-Policy holder name and DOB

-Insurance phone #/ID#/Group #/Employer

-And DOB of patient we are seen if not the policy holder.


If for any reason you don't  have time to enter insurance information after getting fax back or talking to a representative over the phone and getting info. Please make sure that everything get's scanned in the doc center and in the appointment mark it insurance which will turn light blue. Just incase you are out the following day everyone should know to go to the doc center to look for faxback before calling ins again.

Please respond with a "got it" after you review.

Thanks Ladies!