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The fearful pt.  

1. address their fears. WHY are they fearful? bad experience, never been, sensitivity, anxiety? When pt responds to you make sure you are sitting in your chair facing them. sympathize with them. 

2. Be compassionate, we can always get them back another day for the cleaning. We will take it at their pace. 

3. offer them sedation options. explain to them that first and foremost we admire the courage it took to get themselves here. Acknowledge that this is hard, but as long as we keep communicating we both can make it a better experience.

4. Tell them of our sedation options

       A. Nitrous gas

       B. Oral Conscious Sedation (Guffey, Temp, and Perez can do it)

       C. IV sedation (DR Snell who comes here, and we have another resource for this also)

       D. Anesthesiologist, he also comes here to our office. Pt is complete out (tube down nose

            throat and Dr does all tx.)  

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