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Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Team Meeting.

I wanted to post some notes for those who were unable to attend and also for review for everyone else.

  • Please watch the Biopsy video attached:


  • Dr. Temp wanted to let you all know how amazing you’ve done with the training we received from Dr. Hillam. Thank you all!

  • Dr. Temp handed out the invitations to the Christmas party. If you did not receive one please let me know.

  • There is a sign up sheet in Donna’s office for weekly Article reviews. Instead of having someone do an article review during our meeting we will now be taking turns and it will be posted each week on the team page. You will receive a Starbucks card for completing it. Please be sure to sign up for your week!

  • We have implemented a new system for Thank You cards. Each morning in the meeting each department will assign someone to fill out a thank you card to send to a patient. Once completed the entire team will receive an extra “grab” the next day. When your designated team member completes this you can put a “T” next to your name for that extra grab (the entire team will receive this). If you have any questions please ask your team lead.