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During the staff meeting in February (and a little before) we will be taking head shots to update our website.  In an effort to improve on the quality of these photo's we will be enlisting the help of our very own Kristen B's expertise.  As you may know, Kristen has MANY talents which include dabbling in photography.  We have a back drop and lights and Kristen will be editing each photo prior to uploading them to the website.  Please wear a black top for your head shot (no scrubs please).

Please choose a time for your head shot by replying to this post...see times below:

Group 1 - 4:00-4:15

Group 2 - 4:15-4:30

Group 3 - 4:30-4:45

Group 4 - 4:45-5:00

Group 5 - 5:00-5:15

Photo by SDannaS/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by SDannaS/iStock / Getty Images