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Throughout the year BAM is evaluated based on expenses incurred within the practice and adjusted accordingly. Typically we would review expenses on a quarterly basis and it’s not uncommon for BAM to change even as often as once every 3 months. The last BAM increase was in September 2018. As we continue to grow the expense will also grow. Some example’s of when an increase to BAM would be necessary are when we add a new employee, purchase equipment or add additional provider days. Naturally these additions increase our monthly expenses. The good news is when we add additional provider day’s we not only increase our expenses but also our production/collection as well.

With this said, the BAM starting in April will now be at 286,000. Thank you for all your hard work as we wouldn’t be where we are at without you all! You are all AWESOME!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this change! Please respond to this with a “got it” in the comments.