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SRP LESSON - Hygiene

It’s better to be a little more aggressive than not aggressive enough in fighting “bone eating bacteria AKA Periodontal disease.

Would you all believe we recently had a case in our office where we did a SIPO cleaning, however insurance denied it because they said it should have been SRP. THEY WERE RIGHT!

As always, if you have any questions regarding the diagnosing of perio please come see me!

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Hi ladies. When reserving an appointment and reserving more then one appointment for a patient same day. Please make sure you do not forget to add the arrow's to the appointment so when we are all going through the schedule in the morning meeting either the hygienst or the assistant know that the patient is coming from another room and the patient doesn't leave by mistake cause we forgot that they have another appointment reserved w/another provider.

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Thanks Irene


Hygienist please help educate your patients about Periodontal disease with this:

A recent continuing Education class  with Dr Guffey and Dr. Temp informed us that new research has shown that Periodontal Disease can affect Erectile Disfuntion, along with affecting diabeties and heart problems.  It is important to let our pt’s know how important keeping a healthy mouth really is.

CLEANLINESS - Front Office

Hi. Please make sure that you keep your work area nice and neat at all time's. That includes food not being on the counter and your cell phone has to be put away either in your bag or locker.

If you would like a snack please keep it in your drawer or take some time to go to the team lounge. Our desk should all look professional at all times. Please try to look at your work space from the eyes of a patient and keep tidy accordingly.

If you have any concern's please let me know. Please reply to this letting me know you read it.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


This week I wanted to remind everyone to continue to use the

communication bubbles as much as possible. I know it’s hard to get into the habit and it feels

like we can walk up quicker to say what we need to say in person all though that is true at times

as we continue to make using the bubbles it will become more routine for all of us.I’ll be going

around and double checking that the bubbles are working correctly.

Thanks Rayleen

WEEKLY ARTICLE - A Time to Rebuild and A Time Forsake

Main Idea:

For endo treated teeth is rebuilding or forsaking the best option.

4 Things Carleen found interesting in this article:

  1. Posts are needed to support tooth and crown placement.

  2. Glass/fiber posts are flexible and allow natural flexibility of tooth

  3. More options to save a tooth serve patients better.

  4. Rebuild or forsake an endo treated tooth can be complicated especially if a partial uses the said tooth as a rest.


By giving patients options that allow them to choose what is best and having an educated Dr. know about other TX options makes us a better practice as a whole.

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Hi Ladies. It's very important that every time we reserve a new patient appointment that we always in patient family file put in the first visit appointment and under non-patient.

For example:

If a patient reserves an appointment in December make sure you put that date in the first visit. Otherwise it will come up on Novembers new patient list. And also please don't forget to ask patient's who referred them as it’s still being missed.

These steps are very important as they help to guide us in our marketing efforts. Thanks for your help and if you have any questions about this please ask!

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