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HAND OFF - Hygiene

Its always good to continually review 

HAND OFF TRAINING -  The key word is "CONCERNED".  

This is just one example of  a hand off:

Dr. Say's to pt:

"Tina, I'm concerned about your tooth on the LL.  There is deep decay and if we do not treat it very soon you may need a root canal."

Dr. Say's to hyg:

"Julie, I'm concerned about Tina's tooth on the LL, could you check with the front desk and see if that time tomorrow is still available?"

Hyg takes patient up to the front desk and say's:

"Irene, Dr. is concerned about Tina's tooth on the LL that needs a crown.  Can you go over finances and  see  if tomorrow is still available?"

Front desk say's to pt:

"Absolutely!  Tina, I know Dr. is concerned about your tooth on the LL.  Let's be sure to reserve some time tomorrow to get you taken care of!"

NOTE:  Dr. will not create urgency for treatment that is not urgent.  Dr. may recommend that patient to have their treatment done "sometime before their next hyg visit".

FREQUENCIES - Front Office

Hi ladies. As the end of the year is quickly approaching. I would like for all of us to pay attention when patient's are either being scheduled (reserved) or checked out that we are all looking at frequency's so we can collect patient portions when we know insurances will not contribute.

This would be especially important to note on Perio Maint as when you are checking out the patient you can quickly review how many they have had so far this year and check against how many their insurance will allow so we can collect for it right then instead of waiting for the denial.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Have a great day!

Thanks Irene


Hello everyone!

We would like to announce our Team Christmas Project in honor of Isaac Helaman Perez. Please be looking for ways to contribute in the Team Training room in the coming days. We will be providing gifts to the NICU/PICU Team of nurses as well as to some of the parents who spend their countless day’s in the NICU/PICU with their treasured littles.


Isaac Perez Update

Hi everyone,


Jill and I have been so appreciative of your kindness and support through Isaac’s long fight.


Last night, he passed peacefully through the veil.  Today the pieces of our shattered hearts lie in the tear-stained floor of the PICU, but we rejoice in the sure knowledge that thanks to God’s grace and the covenants made available through His Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we will yet enjoy raising our son in the bonds of an eternal family.


We feel your compassion and seek to keep this private.  We are posting this only to prevent anyone from turning on my water-works in the coming days by asking me how Isaac is doing 


With love and appreciation,


Dr. P.


Assistant training week of 11/5/18

Hi guys this week I wanted to remind everyone to use our dental link

bubbles to communicate with each other as well as the front desk much as

possible. This gives the front desk an opportunity to whip together tx plans

that may require some time to put together as well as calling insurance to

verify coverage, also if the front desk is backed up they can also let us

know to have our patient take a seat in the lobby until the front desk is

ready to help them either getting a tx plan, reserving the next appt and

checking them out. Come see me so I can help you get your room setup.

Thanks Rayleen

WEEKLY ARTICLE - "Association between human papilloma virus & oral health"

Article Title: 

Association between human papilloma virus & oral health

Main Idea:

The role of oral health professionals in discussing the HPV in a dental setting

4 Thing I found interesting

1. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection.  All most ALL sexually active men and women will be affect at some point in their lives

2. HPV enters mouth buy cut or cavity with and is 3x more common in women

3.  Vaccine is recommend for women starting at 11 and for men up to the age 26 if they are having sex with other men.

4. When doing medical history parents or pts should be asked if they have had the HPV vaccine.