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MVFD Families- it turns out we have more space available at our holiday party than we anticipated.  We would love to invite your family  members that are 8 year old or over.   

Please RSVP on the comments or to Dr Temp with your updated numbers.   If you have already rsvp’d, and your number is not changing, you do not need to RSVP again.  If you have not RSVP’d with a yes or no, please do so. 


Hi Ladies. We have a patient education site that patients can go to if they have any questions regarding any treatment that doctors have recommended. It is called Spear Education. Front office can log into Spear education and send the patient a link to any questions they have. Like for example: If a patient has a question regarding Implant versus single tooth replacement we can let them know that we can send them a link that they can review before they reserve an appointment or even after they reserve the appointment has well. We just need to make sure we have their email address.

Website: Spear Education


Log in-      FrontDesk


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Thanks Irene

WEEKLY ARTICLE - "A Review of Teeth Whitening Services"

Main Idea:

What are the basic guidelines for recommending whitening services to a patient.

4 things I found interesting in this article:

  1. It would be inappropriate to provide teeth whitening to a patient that has periodontal disease, caries or mucosal lesions.

  2. The ADA notes the need of of a prior oral exam by a licensed DDS to determine if whitening is appropriate.

  3. Postnatal infections such as chicken pox, streptococcal infection and scarlet fever can cause tooth discoloration.

  4. This can cause thinning to the enamel. Enamel is semi translucent and the underlying dentin color and other colored substance beneath the enamel effects the over all color of the teeth.

    How can we put this into play in our practice:

    Educate the patient before you tell them the whiten their teeth. Patients should take care of what is recommended by the dentist before deciding to move forward with whitening.

Comment below and let me know what you think! -Irene


When telling the pt that LBR will be $30 or that FL2 is $15. instead of saying it will be, or it cost, we would like you to say something to the effect of: 

We can laser the gums today and the INVESTMENT in doing the LBR is $30. 

You have lots of recession and we recommend doing the fluoride which is an investment of $15. 

Please respond that you got this! Have a great week!


Hi ladies. It is very important that we all follow block scheduling guidelines. We all need to pay attention to the x's and /'s. Also keep in mind that crown's,root canal's, Implant's all high production we reserve in the morning unless the patient can only come in the afternoon then we can make it work for them. You can schedule filling's in the AM but it has to be $550 or higher (example would be a quad of fillings). If patient can only come in the morning for a filling or 2 please schedule them either at 7 AM or before lunch and put a note in the appointment that this is the only time they can come in but not floating anywhere during block scheduling time. Block scheduling is for ALL day’s of the week including Saturdays.

Please answer this questions:

1. Why is it so important to follow block scheduling?

2. Why do we want to keep all high production in the morning's and lower production in the afternoon's?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great day!

Thanks Irene


FIRST - Watch this video:



We frame everything in our lives. We choose to frame everything either positively or negatively. The frame determines how we view and feel about the things we have framed. Identify how you have framed patients, co-workers and your tasks and decide how to positively re-frame.

4 things I found interesting about this article:

  1. Framing is a choice - so we must also make a choice to re-frame.

  2. No matter your skills, verbal acuity or talent - your frame determines your behavior.

  3. Discussing the negative frames in the morning meeting set’s a negative tone for the rest of the day!

  4. Reset your frames BEFORE the morning meeting so it doesn’t set off the whole office.


  1. ask yourself some questions think about the frames you have placed on patients you will be seeing that day. Are there negatives frames that need to be changed? What difference would it make if you changed the frame?

  2. Each day make the decision with every patient to change the frame so it changes your behavior.

After you view the video leave a comment and let us know what you thought!