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FIRST - Watch this video:



We frame everything in our lives. We choose to frame everything either positively or negatively. The frame determines how we view and feel about the things we have framed. Identify how you have framed patients, co-workers and your tasks and decide how to positively re-frame.

4 things I found interesting about this article:

  1. Framing is a choice - so we must also make a choice to re-frame.

  2. No matter your skills, verbal acuity or talent - your frame determines your behavior.

  3. Discussing the negative frames in the morning meeting set’s a negative tone for the rest of the day!

  4. Reset your frames BEFORE the morning meeting so it doesn’t set off the whole office.


  1. ask yourself some questions think about the frames you have placed on patients you will be seeing that day. Are there negatives frames that need to be changed? What difference would it make if you changed the frame?

  2. Each day make the decision with every patient to change the frame so it changes your behavior.

After you view the video leave a comment and let us know what you thought!


Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Team Meeting.

I wanted to post some notes for those who were unable to attend and also for review for everyone else.

  • Please watch the Biopsy video attached:


  • Dr. Temp wanted to let you all know how amazing you’ve done with the training we received from Dr. Hillam. Thank you all!

  • Dr. Temp handed out the invitations to the Christmas party. If you did not receive one please let me know.

  • There is a sign up sheet in Donna’s office for weekly Article reviews. Instead of having someone do an article review during our meeting we will now be taking turns and it will be posted each week on the team page. You will receive a Starbucks card for completing it. Please be sure to sign up for your week!

  • We have implemented a new system for Thank You cards. Each morning in the meeting each department will assign someone to fill out a thank you card to send to a patient. Once completed the entire team will receive an extra “grab” the next day. When your designated team member completes this you can put a “T” next to your name for that extra grab (the entire team will receive this). If you have any questions please ask your team lead.


Hi guys this week I want to inform everyone that we finalized and designated Monday to be the

day the that we will meet weekly. For the 1st meeting we will meet at 1pm for 30 mins a

snack/lunch will be provided. I chose 1pm to allow for the times that we run into the lunch hour

as well any errands or other obligations some of us need to take time during our lunch time.

Let me know if you have any questions

Thanks Rayleen

BURS - Assistants

Hi guys this week I just wanted to remind everyone of our bur protocol. Several months ago our

doctors had requested to have all the carbide burs each time we set them up to be used during

treatment to help minimize post treatment sensitivity and it also helps with prepping times and


Here is a list of the burs that should be changed:


Latch type #2,#4,#6,#8

Friction grip #2,#4,#6,#8

Let me know if you guys have any questions - please respond that you read this!


The fearful pt.  

1. address their fears. WHY are they fearful? bad experience, never been, sensitivity, anxiety? When pt responds to you make sure you are sitting in your chair facing them. sympathize with them. 

2. Be compassionate, we can always get them back another day for the cleaning. We will take it at their pace. 

3. offer them sedation options. explain to them that first and foremost we admire the courage it took to get themselves here. Acknowledge that this is hard, but as long as we keep communicating we both can make it a better experience.

4. Tell them of our sedation options

       A. Nitrous gas

       B. Oral Conscious Sedation (Guffey, Temp, and Perez can do it)

       C. IV sedation (DR Snell who comes here, and we have another resource for this also)

       D. Anesthesiologist, he also comes here to our office. Pt is complete out (tube down nose

            throat and Dr does all tx.)  

Please reply that you saw this - Sunshine

Message from Dr Temp~ALL

I just wanted to tell you all how impressed I am by you guys.  I am amazed at the way everyone pulls together and makes this office run so well.  This was especially evident to me today with the adult-autistic patient that we sedated this morning.  We were able to get so much quality treatment done because everyone came together.  I feel so blessed to be part of this team.  Thank you!!