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1. Thursday JULY 19th 5:30pm CE course. Continuation of DR. Hilliam CE course. Please RSVP if you are going to be there.


2. When doing loc srp's if it is TWO or more areas we will make them Perio Maintance. Please have front desk inform them of finances. We will now do a complementary prophy at the time of the loc srp's. there is no need to tx a prophy with the loc, just go ahead and clean rest of mouth after loc srp's. You will have the option to : bring the pt back in 6 week perio maintaince (if its 2 or more areas) or 3 months, 4 months, or 6 months. the hygiensit will make that call. please clearly note in chart what you plan to do with pt.


  1. Insurance is now requiring us to put amount of time it took to do any form of perio therapy. Please note chart how long it took to do. A good rule of thumb is to just put 1 hr minumum.


4. Remember to prioritize tx with your tx planner. it was our previous grab bag goal. this is not something we do for the grab bag, but to get us into the habit of doing it consistently


5. Change exam to the DR doing the exam. we are still forgeting to do that.


6. Even if the pt doesn't have a DR.'s exam please tell front desk next area of concern. If pt doesn't want to do it, let front desk know what next areas of concern is but let them kow the pt is not ready to move forward wtih tx at this time.



LAB TRACKING LOG - Assistant/Front Desk


Assistant and front desk

Hi guys this weeks training is about the new lab tracking
log to hopefully eliminate the recent mishaps with lab

This is how it’s going to work: when an assistant is
bringing up the cases to be sent off we will also record the
case in the log that will be located at check in next to the
cases. When the lab picks the cases up from the office
they will be required to sign out the case on the log. This
will help greatly when cases are misplaced the log will
contain all lab information that will help us track the case.
If any questions see Rayleen Or Annette.


Please respond with a "got it".  Thanks!


Hello Team!


We've had some really great reviews from patients on the new system we are using.  Thank you so much for really getting involved and helping the patients figure it out!


We are changing it up for July.  Here's how it works:


Every time you have a patient do a review on the laptop at the front desk you fill out a slip of paper with the following info:

1. Your name

2. Patient name

3. Date

Put the slip of paper into the jar on Donna's desk.


At the end of July we will draw out 5 slips, and those lucky staff members will each receive $100 cash!


And just a reminder, for the last few days in June, each review that you help facilitate earns you $10!  Get em in!


Please reply with a "got it" after you've read this message.  


We ask for referrals, a few training sessions ago Dr Guffey posted a video on how to ask for referrals in an easy way. Can you remember 


What are 3 ways that video says to ask for referrals.  











Finally, How do YOU ask for a Refferal?


 Here is the video link to help you: https://youtu.be/7lvBVaPPPo0 


Possible Answers:


1. pick 2 patients in morning meeting  that have been with the office, and would like to see more like that

2. Give sincere complement and then ask 

3. Don't ask Pt IF they know any one ask WHO do they know. 

Thanks! -Sunshine

SCHEDULING NEW PATIENT - Front Office Training

Hi ladies!

When scheduling new patients we need to schedule 30 min off to the side with either Joanna or if on the weekend's with Gloria for fmx/pano. And always try to keep 1 hour appointments with hygiene on less if your trying to fill the next day then you can put a new patient down for 90 min.

It's also very important to get all the patient's insurance information.



-Any area's of concern or information about the patient

-Insurance name

-Policy holder name and DOB

-Insurance phone #/ID#/Group #/Employer

-And DOB of patient we are seen if not the policy holder.


If for any reason you don't  have time to enter insurance information after getting fax back or talking to a representative over the phone and getting info. Please make sure that everything get's scanned in the doc center and in the appointment mark it insurance which will turn light blue. Just incase you are out the following day everyone should know to go to the doc center to look for faxback before calling ins again.

Please respond with a "got it" after you review.

Thanks Ladies!


DENTURE CARE KITS - Assistant Training

Hi guys this week I just wanted to bring awareness to everyone that we now have denture care kits that I have put together so we can hand out to patients who are given dentures or partial. Each kit contains a brush,adhesive, cleaning powder and of course a denture bath. 

The kits are located in the lab in a bin labeled denture baths next to the cases in the lab.

Let me know if you guys have any questions, please reply “Got it” once You have a chance to review.

Thanks Rayleen

THERACAL - Assistant Training



New product update we now have added a new material for Pulp Capping, its called Theracal we have stocked rooms #1-#4 on doctors side with the liner. What makes this product slightly different and better than other liners is it can be used for Direct and Indirect pulp caps.
Here are the instructions of use for both IDPC and DPC. Once you have a
chance to review please follow the link and watch the video below!  Respond to this post with a "got it!"


Thx Rayleen