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EXAMS - Hyg Training

We have 3 types of  doctor exams that we use:

1. Comprehensive Exam

2. Periodic exam

3. Comprehensive perio exam

1. The Comprehensive exam is use for a new pt or for a pt that has not been in for over 2 years.

2. The Periodic exam is used for when we take x-rays with the appointment

3. The Comprehensive perio exam is used when we do the perio charting. 

Please be sure when you post set the appointment complete you are posting the correct exam for the visit.

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PAYMENT OPTIONS - Front Office Training



When going over treatment plan's with a patient pause after presenting the total and let them ask questions or express concern. If they give you that look of shock when you present the plan then go ahead and offer that they split into 2 or 3 payments.  If they need a smaller monthly payment beyond the 3 months  then please offer them Care Credit and let them know we offer some zero interest plans to allow them to spread payments over time.

If patients ask about more than 3 in office payments you must obtain approval from Irene for those kind of special circumstances.

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Keeping walkies charged.

This week I want to go over the use of the walkie talkies, Dr. Guffey recently purchased
batteries for the walkies hoping we could start to make them part of our set up.
Anytime We’re working in the sedation room,Room #9 it can feel like your a bit isolated from the
rest of the team and often times tx will change or maybe the assistant that is working chairside
with the Doctor needs to leave the room to retrieve a product or xray sensor. When this
happens more than once or twice it causes delays in completing tx and sometimes it will put us
behind schedule due to the interruptions of stopping and getting up for something needed. With
that being said, I know we all want to be able to get patients in and out as quick as possible so
by having all of our tools ready to go that can help us expedite tx will only make our day go
smoothly as well as the patients experience when they are receiving treatment in our office.
So if everyone can make sure we always have the walkie talkies charged up and ready to be
used at any time since we never really know when we might need to use the room.
To help everyone get into the habit of keeping the radios ready to go I will be adding this to our
daily checklist: at the end of the day everyone is to check if the radios are connected to the
charging docs so when we arrive the next day all walkies should be ready to be used.
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Reminds me of a VERY funny joke....here's a link for your enjoyment!   Let me know what you thought of it!  :)



Hi guys this weeks training is a refresher on Minding the Gap, for those who remember being part of our previous training probably recall the importance of what minding the gap really is and how big of a roll it plays in our daily lives both at work and at home.  

So, what are some of the challenges we have in doing good follow up?

Why is it sometimes hard to do? At times it can feel like you don’t have enough time in your day to get the little things done.

-Here are some of specific ways (Skills/techniques) that we can use to help us bridge the GAP.





Good follow up requires time and effort

Q: How can we make sure we have the time to handle the follow up tasks we have to do?

A: Managing our free/down time in our day, identifying any open times and setting aside time to get the To Do’s done.

To help us stay on task every staff member will receive a note pad to keep a daily record of our to do’s.

Here’s an example of when we should add something to our to do lists. After every interaction with a patient take a moment to consider what follow up is needed.

Often there is no further follow up needed, however this will be more like the exception and not the rule.

Once you’ve had a chance to read the training please respond to Donna via email with an example of when we could have avoided something slipping through the cracks or falling in the GAP.  pm@mountainviewfamilydentistry.com


Hygienist/Assistant hand off

When a hygienist or assistant walks up to the front desk with a patient and you are on the phone with insurance ask them if you can place them on hold for a moment so you can help the patient.  Let the hyg/assts pass the patient to you to determine what needs to be done for this patient which allow's a proper hand off and allows the hyg/asst to turn around room and get ready for next patient. 

If hygienist or assistant have a big treatment plan allow them to pass the patient off to you then let the patient know that you need a little time to put it together and to have a seat and you will call them up as soon as you are able to properly compile a treatment plan.

If it’s simply just checking them out quickly please do so at that time that way they DO NOT get forgotten .

Please respond with "got it" or email Donna at pm@mountainviewfamilydentistry.com




 When reserving another hygiene appointment:

"We are going to reserve your next hygiene visit. I can get you in with me on this day at this time. Does that work for you?" 

Why do we say it this way:

1. The patient needs to know we are concerned about proper care for their oral health and concerned about keeping proper re care to maintain that health. 

2. By giving the patient a day and time makes the schedule more organized. we try to schedule one pt after another instead of where ever the patient wants to schedule

3. let the patient know they will be seeing you or a different hygienist. the patient needs to know that they are valued and that this "personal time" they have spent with you is not just another $$ for you. Let them know how much you appreciate them for allowing you to work on them. 

4. We use the word RESERVED so it places a priority on that appointment and the patients begin to make the appointment a priority. 

Reminder: Please don't use 

1..  "Do you want to schedule your next visit?"

-This shows the patient that it really isnt important to schedule their next visit. It places no value on who what you do. 

2.  "Can I schedule your next cleaning appointment? What days work best for you."

-This also places no value on the appointment. The word "can" suggest that that you may feel the patient may not be interested in coming in again. This subconsciously gives off an un-sureness of the hygienist.

Please read and respond with  "got it" or reply to pm@mountainviewfamilydentistry.com


Assistant Training - Please read and respond with "GOT IT!" before 4/30/18

Discounted Treatment

Hi guys, so today I want to go over a few guidelines to follow when giving patients discounted or free TX so that we don’t lose the value in the treatment rendered. When a provider chooses to help a patient in need with any kind of discount whether its a portion of the TX cost or free n20. 

We need to communicate this to a team member of the front desk (only the front desk will adjust the fee's), preferably before TX is done so they can adjust the ledger accordingly and still be able to show the value in the treatment we’ve gifted to the patient. This will keep things consistent and avoids confusion anytime a patient has a question about their account.
If we just zero out TX or manually input a random fee when it’s not communicated the front desk they will have a hard time figuring out the correct charges for the patient.