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Can I get a quality Snap-On Smile online?

I have a lot of modeling work coming up in the spring, and I’ve been trying to find a quick, but affordable way to improve my smile. I just found a website where I can get a snap-on smile with no dentist visit required for $795. Can I really get a good snap-on smile online? Thanks. Oliva P.

Olivia – The process of getting a quality Snap-On Smile requires the assistance of a dentist and in-person dental visits.

Impressions of your teeth need to be taken. If the Snap-On Smile Smile is ordered online, it’s likely that you will be sent a kit to take the impressions yourself and mail them back to the company. Quality impressions that have no distortion need to be done at your dentist’s office. Even some dental assistants are not able to take adequate impressions for the purpose of the Snap-On Smile. DenMat, the company that makes the Snap-On Smile, only takes orders from licensed dentists. So either the company from which you are considering purchasing the product is dishonest about the process, or the product that you will receive will be an imitation of the Snap-On Smile.

Additionally, the dentist has to provide input about the shade of your smile and the facial bulk that should be allowed. How do you know that the final product will fit your bite? When the Snap-On Smile is ordered by your dentist and the product finally arrives, it doesn’t automatically fit. Your dentist needs to make adjustments to it. How will you properly make the adjustments without the tools that your dentist would have?

There are many concerns that you should have about ordering the Snap-On Smile online. Speak with your dentist about his or her cost to properly fit you for a Snap-On Smile, and avoid the risks of getting it—or an imitation of it—online.

This post is sponsored by Mesa dentist Dr. Shayne Guffey.