Should I have wisdom teeth out after the age of 50 ?

I am 57 years of age,  and my dentist advised me to pull two of my wisdom teeth. They are not giving me any problems.  My question is should I remove my wisdom teeth if they are not giving me any problems?  I don’t believe pulling teeth for the sake of pulling teeth is a good choice. Please give me your opinion on this matter considering my age and my teeth. 

– Leo in Tempe

It’s hard for me to advise you on your specific situation without seeing x-rays.  I can say this, though. If your wisdom teeth are fully erupted and not causing you any problems, I would advise against having them taken out. If they are fully impacted, not bothering you, and you are 57, I would advise against having them removed.

If they are partially erupted, it would depend on all the circumstances.

If wisdom teeth are fully impacted (completely under the surface), I generally recommend having them out if you are under 40. As you get older, the chances of complications increase if they are extracted.

But if they are partially erupted (partially above the surface and partially below)  then there are much greater chances that they will cause problems, and the worry is that they will cause problems when you can least afford to have trouble, like when there is some other health urgency that really complicates having them out, or if there is some type of dental emergency involving teeth other than your wisdom teeth.  Also remember that any anxiety that you may have about the actual procedure (if you do decide to have your wisdom teeth extracted) can me eased by the availability of sleep dentistry for the process.

I hope this is helpful.